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Laser Screed Concrete Leveling

  Laser screed concrete leveling equipment recently imported by SINAMM presently using at CKL SPINNING MILL project for floor construction work.

Pile Head Breaking

Pile head breaking equipment used at Bhola 220 MW(Gas)/212 MW(HSD) Based Dual Fuel Combined Cycle Power Plant.

Precast Pile Driving Works

Precast pile driving works at Bhola 220 MW(Gas)/212 MW(HSD) Based Dual Fuel Combined Cycle Power Plant

Pipe Pile Driving Work

Pipe pile driving work at EKL modonpur project.

Contract Signing Event with SAMSAUNG C&T

Contract signing event with SAMSAUNG C&T for pre cast piling works at 718 MW CCPP project at Meghnaghat.