SINAMM ENGINEERING LIMITED named as SINAMM was conceived and formed in the year 2004 by a team of qualified Engineers and other professionals possessing long standing experience in various fields of Constructional activities with a vision and mission and to play a significant role in development and construction sector in near future.

Construction, more than any industry, is indeed a service-profession, the lure of becoming a civil engineering contractor attracts many, but not all can survive these challenges. Many give up due to lack of experience or inability to tackle the hazards involved. SINAMM has started the journey to take these challenges and is determined to exist its excellence in the field of construction such as buildings, industry and infrastructure projects through innovative planning and employing latest techniques with continuous advancement. We believe that our dedication, commitment, technical superiority, experienced human resources and collective management efforts will ensure quality, accuracy and timely completion of woks for the prospective clients.
The top management of SINAMM during the tenure of last 21 years played the key role in the field of construction through Planning, Evaluation, Tendering, Monitoring, Supervi sion & Execution of industrial building, Power plants, High-rise Apartments, Office buildings, Commercial buildings, Roads and Highways projects, Water supply, Sanitation and Deep tub well projects.
Finally, keeping pace with rapid economical and technological changes, we are determined to put ourselves in the front line of Construction sector through our works in future to build a planned, productive and healthier environment around us. SINAMM Engineering Limited believes in teamwork. We feel proud to have a very strong team and we are confident to achieve our goals and objectives with accuracy. We are dedicated to provide most efficient and effective skills in the Country. We are working continuously to improve our system to provide best and efficient services to our clients and also to match with the upcoming days

Strategic Intent

To continuously improve our Line-haul connections to achieve shortest possible transit times.
To save time by adopting 'Right-First-Time approach in every part of Business'.
To impartially select and develop employees & service partners (Franchisees) for meeting our quality service standard.